Buying Fox Repellent – Amazon vs Homebase & B&Q

You’ve established you have a fox problem in your garden. You’ve decided to do something about it by purchasing some fox repellent. You’ve assumed that Homebase or B&Q are the best places to buy it, right? Actually that’s wrong! So where is the best place to buy a deterrent for foxes in the UK? Read on…

Homebase or B&Q do not sell fox repellent products!

One of the most popular misconceptions is that you can buy fox repellent from Homebase. People searching going onto Google and searching for “Fox Repellent Homebase” is an incredibly popular search term. Unfortunately, and somewhat surprisingly, Homebase currently offer only 6 repellent products on their website and none are aimed at foxes. As well as having no specific fox repellents, the repellents that are on the Homebase site are not available for home delivery. It’s the same story for B&Q. B&Q also do not stock a specific fox repellent product and again, the deterrents they do have can only be purchased in-store. A visit to your local pet shop is highly likely to result in the same disappointing outcome. So where to go?

Fox Repellent on Amazon

The above assertions are not advocating a boycott of Homebase, B&Q or local pet shops. All provide an invaluable service, however in the case of fox repellents, they are not the best option.

Perhaps surprisingly, the widest choice of fox repellents can be viewed at The prices are normally lower than anywhere else and you get the repellent delivered directly to your home, often at no extra cost. This means no unnecessary trips to a busy town centre or out-of-town leisure park only to discover the store doesn’t stock what you need.

The ‘Garden & Outdoors’ section on Amazon is a goldmine for repellent products where you can browse detailed descriptions, buyers reviews, occasional demonstration videos and also see if any third party sellers are beating Amazon’s prices. The Amazon third party seller section is a serious rival to ebay and you can browse a sellers’ feedback history before ordering in much the same way. Many of these third party products are fulfilled by Amazon too, which can often include their free shipping offers. As if this wasn’t enough, you are also presented with a very accurate ‘More Items To Consider’ section which offers up similar items based on your search. This can lead you to very suitable repellent products that you perhaps wouldn’t realise existed previously.

If you are contemplating buying a fox repellent for your garden, then consider making Amazon your first port of call. You may find it saves you both valuable time and money!

To get you started, below are links to some of the most popular fox repellents on the market. Have a look around and see if you can find a fox deterrent that fits your needs and your budget.

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