Review: Get Off My Garden Fox Repellent

Get Off My Garden Fox Repellent (officially labelled as a ‘cat and dog’ repellent) comes in a squeezable plastic bottle containing green crystals with a gel-like texture.

Despite the label suggesting it’s aimed just at cats and dogs, it is an excellent fox deterrent when applied to small gardens or other small areas like paths and flowerbeds.

Produced by Spotless Punch Limited under their VAPET range, Get Off My Garden has become an increasingly popular deterrent against foxes, due to its effectiveness and low cost.

How do I use Get Off My Garden Fox Repellent?

Get Off My Garden is excellent for use if you have a problem with fox poo on your lawns, paths or flowerbeds.

Foxes use their faeces as a way of marking their territory and normally like to deposit it in the most noticeable of places.

Removing the poo without putting down any repellent will simply result in the poo being replaced over the following couple of nights.

Instead, remove the fox droppings and squeeze some Get Off My Garden crystal gel onto the affected areas.

The previously fouled areas may need a few applications at 2-4 day intervals for the repellent to fully take affect. Flower beds and other freshly-dug ground may just need 1 application.

In addition, you can also squeeze the Get Off My Garden crystals every 2-3ft along flower beds, walls or fences.

Anywhere you believe the fox will foul should be treated with Get Off My Garden until the fox has been deterred. (Please be aware that grass may be slightly discoloured after repeated use of this repellent.)

It is worth bearing in mind that you may need to purchase a few bottles of Get Off My Garden to get the result you want, and it is also most effective at stopping foxes from fouling and digging up your garden rather than keeping them away completely.


How does Get Off My Garden Fox Repellent work?

The properties contained in Get Off My Garden that are primarily responsible for repelling foxes are Citronella Oil and Methyl Nonyl Ketone.

Citronella oil is gleaned from various species of lemongrass and has long been used to repel mosquitoes.

It is an effective repellent because it confuses the sense of smell of the fox and causes it to be distracted from entering your garden.

A fox relies heavily upon it’s sense of smell to catch prey and to get its bearings, so if it is unable to follow it’s nose, it will lose confidence and stay away from the area.

Citronella is generally regarded as a ‘natural’ repellent because it is plant based and has been praised as it has little or no toxicity.

Methyl Nonyl Ketone occurs naturally in fruits such as strawberries, guava and bananas and has a very strong smelling odour when extracted.

It is for this reason that it has been used widely in repellents for insects and animals. Studies in the US also found that Methyl Nonyl Ketone was not harmful to mammals.

Is Get Off My Garden Fox Repellent safe to use?

Get Off My Garden is approved for use under the Control Of Pesticides Regulations 1986.

As well as this, registered UK charity, The Fox Project, has conducted many tests on fox repellent products and praised Get Off My Garden for its effectiveness in deterring foxes whilst also being very safe without any nasty side effects to animals.

Normal precautions, such as keeping out of reach of children and away from pet food should be taken.


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