FOXWatch Ultrasonic Deterrent & Mains Adapter Pack


• Start deterring foxes in under 5 minutes with the #1 fox deterrent device.
• Automatically teaches foxes to associate your garden with danger.
• The only ultrasonic unit designed and manufactured in the UK and specifically tested on the UK’s urban foxes.
• Includes 12 Volt mains adapter, which provides up to 30% more power than a 9 Volt battery, resulting in a more effective deterrent.
• Simply position in your garden and switch it on!


Product Description

  • Pack contains FoxWatch, mains adapter with 10m (32ft) cable, plastic spike, set-up & maintenance instructions
  • Set up in under 5 mins
  • Safe for use with cats, dogs, small pets, wildlife & children
  • Inaudible to humans
  • Uses a motion-activated sensor to emit 3 ultrasonic blasts to repel foxes
  • Protects an area of up to 125sqm (1,350sqft)
  • Causes long-term behavioural change of foxes
  • Free postage to UK addresses
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Hand-made in the UK
  • Can also be powered by a Duracell 9 Volt battery (not included)
  • Operates at a frequency of 40 – 45kHz
  • Every FoxWatch is manually tested before shipping