FOXWatch Ultrasonic Deterrent & Mains Adapter Pack


• Start deterring foxes in under 5 minutes with the UK's #1 fox deterrent.
• Helps to reduce fox poo, digging, damage & garden visits.
• Safe to use with dogs, cats, small pets & other wildlife.
• Suitable for all sizes of garden, driveways, playing fields, farms, schools, bowling greens, grass tennis courts.
• Provides long-term protection against foxes.
• Tested, designed & manufactured in the UK for British urban foxes.
• Includes powerful 12 Volt mains adapter & full usage instructions.
• Simply position in your garden and switch it on.
• Free shipping to all UK addresses.


Product Description

Reclaim your garden from foxes and stop the pooing, digging, smells and other fox-related destruction by using the FoxWatch Ultrasonic Fox Deterrent to successfully keep them away.

Specifically designed for busy people who simply want to their solve fox problems, you can have the FoxWatch up and running in less than 5 minutes, providing your garden with fox protection 24/7.

Using an innovative infrared sensor, the FoxWatch detects fox movement in your garden and emits short, high-pitched bursts of noise, providing coverage over an area of up to 125sqm (1350sqft).

The FoxWatch becomes more and more effective over time as the fox learns to associate your garden with the noise, much like a fox burglar alarm or the fox equivalent of fingers down a blackboard.

Delivery is free to all UK addresses and the FoxWatch comes with a 12 Volt mains adapter, mounting stake, full operating instructions, 60 day money back guarantee and 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Tech Specs

  • Pack contains: FoxWatch unit, 12V mains adapter, mounting stake, setup & maintenance instructions
  • Height (including stake): 33cm. Width: 19cm. Depth: 16cm
  • Sensor detection distance: up to 12m (40ft)
  • Alarm effectiveness distance: up to 18m (60ft)
  • Total area protection: up to 125sqm (1350sqft)
  • Horizontal viewing angle: 100˚
  • Ultrasonic sound frequency: 40 – 45 kHz
  • Sensor: Passive Infrared (PIR) Technology
  • Power: 12 Volt mains adapter with 10m (32ft) cable (included & recommended) or 1 x 9 Volt Duracell battery (not included)
  • A 10 metre extension lead is available separately allowing you to install your FoxWatch up to 20m (64ft) from your plug socket
  • On/Off switch
  • Low battery warning lights (if using battery)
  • Internal components securely waterproofed
  • Rear ‘keyhole slot’ for wall or fence mounting
  • European-compatible mains adapters available
  • Every unit-hand made & manually tested
  • Made in the UK


Yes, the FoxWatch is absolutely fine to use with dogs.

A large proportion of people who buy the FoxWatch are actually dog owners worried about the risk of germs from fox poo, their dogs getting agitated when seeing a fox in the garden or the fear of attack, especially on smaller dogs.

Even though foxes and dogs have the same hearing range, dogs are rarely bothered by the noise the FoxWatch makes and normally take their guidance from you. If you're not bothered by it, they're not bothered by it. A cursory sniff of the unit and they'll move on to something more interesting.

After the FoxWatch has been installed and there is a reduction of fox visits to the garden, dog owners tend to feel much more relaxed about letting their dogs into the garden without worrying about germs, agitation or attack.

EXTRA TIP - Dog pee is a great supplementary fox deterrent, so feel free to encourage your dog to pee in areas of your garden where you've seen the fox, especially at the point they get in. This introduces a 'rival scent' to your garden and, if done on a regular basis, works really well in combination with the noise of the FoxWatch.

“Our dog used to eat the fox poo and it made him very poorly. Since we installed the FoxWatch, we no longer have this issue and our dog is much happier and healthier!”
- Laura, Surrey

Yes, the FoxWatch is absolutely fine for use with cats. In fact, the scent of foxes in the garden may be causing your cat quite a lot of stress, so the sooner you take steps to keep the fox away, the sooner your cat can relax again.

It's possible the fox could be making your cat fearful of leaving your house. Some common symptoms include a reluctance to use the cat flap, going to the toilet in the house or going out into the garden nervously and keeping low to the ground, constantly sniffing the floor. It's also not unheard of for foxes to enter via the cat flap, raid the food bowl and terrify the resident cat in the process!

Installing a FoxWatch will help to reduce the visits of the fox to your garden, in turn reducing the stress levels in your cat and giving it the confidence to use the cat flap and enjoy the garden again.

No, the FoxWatch doesn't have any effect on birds and won't discourage them from coming into your garden.

Foxes have been described as a 'catlike canine' for many reasons, including their ability to stalk and catch birds in a similar way to cats.

A reduction in fox visits to your garden may well see an increase in birds visiting as well as spending longer each visit due to decreased fear of a predator (subject to local cats of course!).

EXTRA TIP - If you enjoy feeding the birds, try and avoid throwing kitchen scraps out onto your lawn or patio. The smell of the food will attract foxes and possibly mice and rats as well. Try and stick to birdseed installed in hanging bird feeders or high up out of reach of foxes (and cats). This will be safer for the birds and gives less of a reason for foxes to be tempted into your garden.

Yes, the FoxWatch is completely fine to use with these small animals and should be considered a must-have deterrent to help protect them.

These small animals are unfortunately very attractive to foxes, so you need to do whatever you can to keep them safe. A FoxWatch can provide an important part of your arsenal to protect your small pets, as would electric fencing or mesh, a quality scented deterrent and using strong and secure cages or pens. When you have such tempting 'fox prey' in your garden, the greater variety of deterrent methods you use, the better.

In the vast majority of cases, it's best to install the FoxWatch facing the point the fox enters your garden. Foxes are creatures of habit so they usually enter at the same spot each time.

By setting up the FoxWatch overlooking the entry point, you're ensuring the fox triggers the ultrasonic alarm every single time it attempts to enter your garden.

This will quicken the process of the fox learning to associate your garden with the noise - thus reducing it's visits more quickly.

Entry point installation is far preferable than allowing the fox further into your garden before it encounters the FoxWatch.

It's common for those with multiple entry points to install a FoxWatch at each point of entrance.

The FoxWatch has a massive unobstructed protection area of 125sqm (1350sqft) which is far greater than most other competitors' coverage. This makes the FoxWatch suitable for a huge range of environments including small gardens, large gardens, open gardens, playing fields, farms, schools, bowling greens, grass tennis courts and sports pitches.

Many people who have particularly large spaces requiring protection from foxes often purchase multiple FoxWatch units, either placing them in rows at with certain distances between one another or placing them back to back for greater circular protection.

Because the mains adapter provides 12 Volts into the FoxWatch, rather than 9 Volts from a battery - that's 33% more power. More power means a louder, more effective noise to deter the fox. Plus you don't have to worry about replacing a flat battery.

The mains adapter comes with a 10m (32ft) cable. We also stock a 10m extension cable which allows you to install your FoxWatch up to 20m (64ft) away from a plug socket.

Although we recommend using the adapter, we understand it's not possible for everyone and using a 9V battery in the FoxWatch still provides a very effective fox deterrent. Just make sure it's a Duracell Alkaline 9 Volt Battery so that you get maximum power and reliability from your FoxWatch.

Many cheaper alternatives to the FoxWatch do not contain a mains adapter and often use rechargeable or solar powered batteries to power the units. These kind of batteries degrade fairly quickly and are unlikely to contain enough charge to provide the powerful noise required to keep foxes out of your garden over the long term.

The FoxWatch is made in Britain and specifically designed to cope with the notoriously wet and windy British climate, as well as the wild temperature fluctuations that it will naturally experience when sat out in your garden

The internal components are made from the highest quality materials and are securely sealed in a waterproof resin to provide the longest possible operating life.

Many cheaper alternatives to the FoxWatch are not made with the wet British weather in mind and are mass-produced (often in China) with much lower quality internal components - naturally shortening the life expectancy of those units.

Of course, in the event of freak weather conditions, such as monsoon-style rain or heavy snowfall, bring the FoxWatch in for a few hours to dry out before setting it to work again. Like anything, the more you look after it, the longer it will last and continue to deter foxes.

Additionally, every FoxWatch comes with a comprehensive 2 year manufacturers warranty covering any applicable repairs or replacements required to the unit during that period.

Whilst it's important to promote British manufacture, the answer is actually practical rather than political.

The FoxWatch is the only Ultrasonic Fox Deterrent fully designed and manufactured in the UK and each unit is hand-built and quality-control tested before it leaves the plant in Stevenage.

It's undergone rigorous and extensive trials with British urban foxes, in British gardens and is specifically designed to withstand the British weather.

The cheaper alternatives are generally manufactured in China, which isn't a problem in itself, but mostly means they have not been tested on the UK's urban foxes, and are built with lower quality components not capable of lasting as long in our damp and wet climate.

The manufacturer of the FoxWatch provides a comprehensive 2 year warranty and even an additional repair service once the warranty has expired. They have a long history of manufacturing high quality animal deterrents and are very approachable and welcoming of questions or requests for assistance.


Shipping is free to all UK addresses.

Our valued customers from Europe, please see the ‘European Orders’ section below.

We always aim to get your FoxWatch sent out as quickly as possible after you’ve ordered it. We’ll usually send it on the following working day after you’ve ordered, whenever we possibly can.

Please note, this refers to the speed we dispatch your order, we do not promise next day delivery.

Packages containing a single FoxWatch and adapter will be dispatched via Royal Mail First Class. Depending on your local sorting office, you can expect delivery from anywhere between 1 – 5 days.

Packages containing 2 – 3 FoxWatch units will be dispatched via Royal Mail Recorded Delivery to enable the higher value packages to be tracked. These packages will require a signature upon receipt. Depending on your local sorting office, you can expect delivery from anywhere between 1 – 5 days. Experience shows us the Royal Mail will often leave Recorded Delivery items with a neighbour if you are not in.

Packages containing 4 or more FoxWatch units will be dispatched via special delivery or a courier such as Fedex or DHL. We will notify you if this is the case.

We send you an email to the email address you provided at the time of the transaction to confirm when your order has been dispatched. This email also contains some useful usage tips to help to set up your FoxWatch properly.

Over the 10 days following your order, you will also receive some automated follow-up emails providing further advice on installing your FoxWatch, where to put it and how to ensure you get the maximum benefits from it. Experience shows us that sending staggered instructional emails are more likely to be read and absorbed than if we provide all the information at once.

Missing packages
The Royal Mail is usually very quick and reliable and we very rarely experience packages going missing.

Occasionally however, packages are not received. We would ask that you allow 7 working days from receipt of your dispatch confirmation email before contacting us, to allow for any processing delays that may have occurred at your local sorting office.

We would also advise you to check with your local parcel collection office to check if delivery has been attempted and returned to your local sorting office. On the whole, Royal Mail do leave attempted delivery notes, however, we have experienced several instances where the delivery slip had been lost or forgotten.

If, after doing this, you have still not received your order, please contact us at and we will seek to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

European Orders
We often send orders to countries around Europe and are happy to include a European-compatible mains adapter for use with the FoxWatch. We usually use the Royal Mail’s International Signed For delivery service or an international courier like Fedex or DHL for larger orders. We will notify how your order has been sent in your dispatch confirmation email. If your country is not listed on our payment page, please contact us at

Shipping fees apply and are charged at the time you place your order.

Rest of the World
We are sorry but we currently do not send any orders outside of Europe. If you are interested in purchasing a fox deterrent, we can point you to our Top Fox Deterrents USA article.


We offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you wish to return your FoxWatch unit after you have purchased it from our website.

Please contact us on before returning so we can provide full return instructions to ensure your return and refund is processed swiftly.

In the unlikely event you are unhappy with your FoxWatch, please do get in contact with us to explain your problem to see if we can help. Simple things such as a change in positioning or small adjustments to your garden can make a huge difference in results, so we’re happy to help wherever we can.

Please also note that the FoxWatch becomes more effective as time goes on. This is due to the fact that the FoxWatch causes behavioural change in the fox, teaching it to stay away from your garden using the high-pitched ultrasonic noise.

The longer you allow the FoxWatch to do it’s job, the more impactful this behavioural change will be, resulting in a fox that is no longer interested in entering your garden.

Warranty T&Cs
Misuse or incorrect handling is not covered. If your unit cannot be repaired, the manufacturer may replace it with new or reconditioned merchandise, (we will not pay for loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of your product or its failure to work, or any incidental or consequential damages). The use of batteries (incl. rechargeable) other than Duracell will affect the function of the unit and possibly the warranty. The warranty is 2 years from the date of purchase. The unit is to be returned with proof of purchase and a description of the fault. Repairs may be made after the warranty expires for a small charge. Please get in touch for further information.