How to stop foxes chewing watering & irrigation pipes

Discovering that your automatic watering system has been damaged by the sharp teeth of foxes can be both annoying and expensive, however there is something you can do about it. By making a few changes to your garden and by installing a low maintenance, automated fox deterrent, you can rid your garden of urban foxes and their annoying habits of chewing through your drip emitters or micro jet heads.

Why urban foxes are particularly active around Christmas

In a recent BBC London interview with an professional fox controller , he revealed that the festive period is when he gets the most call-outs from people experiencing problems with urban foxes. The reason is because of the huge amount of food that we throw out over Christmas and New Year. This is a problem throughout the year, but […]

The harsh realities of hiring a professional fox controller

A recent interview on BBC Radio London with a professional fox controller highlighted the realities of employing someone to come and shoot a fox in your back garden. For people who may have considered this possibility for removing a troublesome fox, hearing about the details and the cost may convince them to try a humane and non-lethal method of deterring foxes instead.

Types of Fox

Did you know that there are far more types of foxes than the common urban fox we often see in our towns and cities? This type of fox is called the Red Fox (vulpes vulpes) and is the most common type of fox in the world. However, there are a range of other types of […]

The Vixen Diet

Transcribed from Channel 4’s “Foxes Live” series. Mark Evans: “How much food does a vixen with cubs actually need to eat? Well there are three big chunks of calories she’ll need. The first is just to keep herself going. It’s like the fuel your car uses when it’s idling. Now that in the case of […]

What Foxes Eat

Foxes eat an amazing variety of food, as stomach and scat analysis show. It’s a great mistake to imagine that they live on poultry, game birds and rabbits. Any fox will take all of these as opportunity offers and when the rabbit was more common, it was a favourite item. But the fox really has […]