Footage of Fox Cubs playfighting in The Lost Gardens of Heligan

A couple of years ago, the BBC made a beautiful documentary about the Lost Gardens of Heligan at the Heligan Estate in Cornwall. The Gardens are absolutely teeming with plants and wildlife and are exquisitely maintained since they were restored in the 1990s. This is an edited clip from the documentary, narrated and produced by […]

Types of Fox

Did you know that there are far more types of foxes than the common urban fox we often see in our towns and cities? This type of fox is called the Red Fox (vulpes vulpes) and is the most common type of fox in the world. However, there are a range of other types of […]

The Vixen Diet

Transcribed from Channel 4’s “Foxes Live” series. Mark Evans: “How much food does a vixen with cubs actually need to eat? Well there are three big chunks of calories she’ll need. The first is just to keep herself going. It’s like the fuel your car uses when it’s idling. Now that in the case of […]

What Foxes Eat

Foxes eat an amazing variety of food, as stomach and scat analysis show. It’s a great mistake to imagine that they live on poultry, game birds and rabbits. Any fox will take all of these as opportunity offers and when the rabbit was more common, it was a favourite item. But the fox really has […]