ben-garden-300x300What is Fox Repellent Expert?

Fox Repellent Expert is a resource run by me, Benjamin Clarke to assist, teach and provide you with information to successfully and humanely deter foxes from your garden.

On the site you will find reviews of deterrents, advice on how to use them effectively, information on typical fox behaviour and step by step strategies to help you with getting the result you want for your garden.

My aim is for the site to be the main, ‘go-to’ resource for accurate and good quality information regarding deterring foxes.

I hope that it will be of great help to those of you suffering from urban fox problems and I hope you’re able to make use of the information here to achieve positive results.

What’s my story?

By trade, I actually specialise in online-based business, including web and graphic design and e-marketing.

It was never my life’s ambition to set up a website about fox repellent, but that situation changed when I moved to South London in 2007 and encountered urban foxes for the first time.

The road I lived on was a small terraced street full of back yards separated by low walls and fences, but close to many bars, restaurants and take-aways. A typical urban fox environment, as I now understand it.

I was initially excited, seeing flashes of red scurrying about the street or over the back fence. I’d never lived in such close proximity to foxes and there was definitely a novelty factor at first.

However, I soon saw the negative side effects of the foxes in my area. The tipped-over recycling boxes, the clambering up on cars parked in the street and, most annoying of all, the extremely bad-smelling poo that seemed to regularly appear on the decking immediately outside the back door.

It was the repeated fouling that got to me most and it set me off on a long period of trial and error, using a whole range of products and techniques to try and fox-proof the garden.

After wasting much time on money, I eventually started having success, having taken the time to read about foxes and realising which deterrents worked best.

Fast-forward a few years and I now live in a suburban part of Southampton where we still encounter foxes on a regular basis, but usually at a distance.

I used what I learned during my South London experience and have continued to successfully keep foxes out of my new garden.

Why I set up this website?

I quickly established that many, many people were experiencing the same problems as me.

And since running this site, I have heard from lots people who have suffered at the hands of foxes far worse than I ever did.

Repeated digging, living under sheds, scaring pets and even chewing car wiring are just some of the many common fox problems that have been reported to me.

During my research into how best to tackle foxes, I couldn’t find a single website that dealt solely with the issue of deterring urban foxes.

There was some good information to be found, but it was strewn all over the  place, buried deep in several different obscure websites that you had to search hard to find.

I felt setting up a centralised ‘Fox Repellent Knowledgebase’ would be incredibly useful to the many people in the same position (and worse) as me.

It needed to be a very accessible website, where all the best information could be found and presented in a straightforward and, easy-to-understand manner.

And so, starting in late 2010, that’s exactly what I’ve tried to achieve with FoxRepellentExpert.com

The information on this website comes from a range of sources, including my own experiences, the experiences of visitors to this site and my own continued in-depth research.

I hope the fact this site exists helps get the best information quickly and easily without you having to resort to the time-consuming effort I had to put in when I first started deterring foxes.

Foxes aren’t vermin but they can be frustrating

With all this talk of deterrents, it should not be forgotten that we are lucky to have a thriving fox population in the UK, even if they do annoy us at times.

They have every right to live in urban areas as we do, contrary to the oft-repeated and incorrect opinion that foxes ‘should go back to the country where they belong.’

Nothing on this site recommends anything inhumane and I am firmly against any kind of fox cull.

I also hope that you are able to use the information on this site to humanely deter foxes from your garden without the need to bring in a fox control specialist to kill an innocent animal.

I know most of you that use this site feel the same way. You want something that doesn’t harm the fox but deals with the issue effectively so you can reclaim your gardens, free from the smell of poo or dug up flowerbeds.

Here’s two very useful articles to start you off:

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I hope this site is of help.

All the best,

Benjamin Clarke