Why human urine won’t keep foxes out of your garden

We’ve all heard the jokey solution to keeping foxes away, involving going for a wee around the perimeter of your garden.

“Make sure it’s a man doing it though or it won’t work!”

But is human urine really an effective fox deterrent or is it simply an embarrassing waste of time, particularly if the neighbours catch you?

This article will explain why urinating in your garden is not the best way of getting rid of foxes and will provide you with some excellent solutions that will actually get the results you want.

Why is human urine even discussed as a fox deterrent option?

weeing-statue-zagreb2Foxes have an incredible sense of smell and they use their own urine and faeces to mark out and secure their territories.

This ‘scent-marking’ sends out a message to neighbouring foxes that the territory (your garden) is currently occupied, and they should set up home elsewhere.

The theory is that spreading ‘man wee’ around the garden will give off a scent that makes the fox feel it’s territory is under threat.

And, as foxes are scared of humans, it won’t want to risk confrontation and will move somewhere safer.

Simple right? Well, unfortunately not quite.

Good in theory, impractical in reality

Theoretically, using male wee to deter foxes is not actually an outrageous suggestion.

Disrupting a fox’s normal behaviour and making it feel unsafe in it’s own territory is the best way to get a fox to leave your garden and go somewhere else.

If you can do something that creates an unwelcoming atmosphere in your garden, then you’re on the right path to solving your fox problems.

However, in practise, human urine is not the best way to go about it for a couple of behavioural and practical reasons.

Urban foxes are used to the smell of humans

Urban foxes differ from their country cousins due to their ability to thrive in very small territories that are usually in close proximity to humans.

While urban foxes are still scared of us if we get too close, they have adapted well to living alongside us and are used to seeing, hearing and smelling humans.

Therefore, the smell of human urine would not be as intimidating to an urban fox as it might be to a rural fox who rarely encounters humans.

If you’ve got a dog, you’re better off getting them to have a tinkle around the garden instead.

You can’t produce the amount of urine required

Another reason to disregard using human urine is the fact that foxes are very persistent creatures, as you’ve probably already experienced.

If you want to win the battle and reclaim your garden, you need to be more persistent than the fox.

Even by getting all of your family urinating in the garden on a regular basis (a ridiculous thought), you simply won’t be able to produce enough of your ‘natural deterrent’ to deter foxes over the long term.

Spare yourself the the effort and the embarrassment.

There’s specifically-designed fox deterrents that will do the hard work for you.

Let’s look at those now.

The FoxWatch Ultrasonic Deterrent

The FoxWatch is an unobtrusive little unit that sits in your garden letting off high-pitched bursts of noise each time a fox crosses it’s motion sensor.

You can think of it as a fox burglar alarm that triggers the fox’s ‘flight response’, which basically means the FoxWatch scares it into running away from your garden.

The reason the FoxWatch has become so popular among those driven mad by foxes is because it takes less than five minutes to set up and requires no ongoing effort to keep it effective.

The fact that I can put the FoxWatch out into the garden and forget about it is great. It’s kept my back garden clear of foxes for nearly a year now.
– Mr Longman, Croydon

Ideally positioned facing the point the fox comes into your garden, the FoxWatch will sit there scaring off foxes whether it’s day or night and regardless of if you’re in or out.

Plus humans can’t hear the noise it makes, so you don’t have to worry about it annoying you or your neighbours.

Knowing the FoxWatch is providing 24 hour fox deterrence removes the worry of how to deal with the problem and allows you get on with your life, which should ultimately be the purpose of any fox deterrent.

The FoxWatch is available to purchase in our store priced at £69.95 including mains adapter, free delivery, full set-up instructions and 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Scoot Fox Deterrent


Scoot is a specially formulated powder that you dilute with water and spray around your garden, especially in the areas you’ve seen the fox urinating and where it comes into your garden.

It contains a scent that tricks the fox into thinking that another predator is trying to take over.

You keep spraying the Scoot around and eventually the fox feels too threatened and moves out of your garden and onto a safer territory.

While Scoot is initially cheaper than the FoxWatch, you do have to be persistent and use it multiple times before the fox will get the message.

So if you have anything other than a small garden, you may find that you get through a lot of it before it has the desired effect.

To keep up the potency of the scent, you need to be out in your garden every few days days to spray it. Fine if it’s good weather, not so nice if it’s not. If there’s heavy rain, you need to respray afterwards.

However, despite requiring more effort than the FoxWatch, Scoot is an effective option that is much better than weeing around your garden.

For a start, there’s more of it to spray around and you don’t have to be sneaky about doing it.

A Scoot Fox Repellent MultiPack (8 x 50g sachets) is available on Amazon UK priced at approximately £30.

Use your fox deterrent product the right way

To ensure you’re using your fox deterrent correctly to get the best results, please be sure to read the very simple 3 Step Fox Deterrent Strategy.

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