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Have you got  foxes coming uninvited into your garden? Are the foxes fouling, digging or a threat to pets? Not sure what fox repellent is effective?

The Fox Repellent Expert site is here to help make fox deterrent simple for you, with informative product reviews and practical advice to help you keep foxes away from your garden.

Where do I start with choosing an effective fox repellent?

There is a lot of information all over the Internet about deterring foxes, however a lot of it is contradictory and it is often poorly organised.

This site is here to make sense of it all and to equip you with all the knowledge you need to enable you to choose the right fox repellent and get the end result you want – namely, keeping foxes away!

If you want to quickly look at a rundown of the best fox repellents then a good starting point to seeing what this site has to offer is by looking at the Top 10 Fox Repellent List.

• If you’re from the USA, please visit our Top 10 US Fox Repellents article

If you have experience of foxes and repellents, you will realise that it takes time to change a fox’s behaviour and you may need to test out different products or a combination of fox repellents in order to get the best results.

Have a look at the fox repellent reviews list for in-depth analysis and explanation of individual fox repellent and deterrent products and what will work best for you.

Is your fox repellent & deterrent advice humane to foxes?

All of the information on this site is aimed at humanely deterring foxes from your garden. This site in no way advocates cruelty to foxes and no illegal or unsavoury methods for getting rid of foxes are discussed or encouraged here.

That said however, they are sometimes viewed as a pest to anyone who has had their plants or poor dead pets dug up, had their lawns or even shoes defecated in or their chickens killed.

Pulling over dustbins and tearing up items of clothing are other common misdemeanors committed by the urban fox.

Most people do not want complete extermination of the fox population, but they do require reliable and informative advice on the most effective ways of repelling foxes.

 What kind of fox deterrent information is on this site?

On this site you will find a range of fox repellent reviews, which guide you step-by-step through the process of explaining how a fox repellent product works, where to buy it and how to use it to achieve the desired results.

We also offer articles on why foxes behave as they do, to give you a better understanding and to help you take steps to avoid certain things that encourage foxes to your garden.

Where’s the best place to buy fox repellent & deterrent products?

Due to overwhelming demand, we have opened our online Store and are selling the FoxWatch Fox Repeller, which is in our opinion, the number 1 most effective ultrasonic fox repellent device.

It’s designed and manufactured here in the UK and has been tested extensively on the UK’s urban foxes and comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

For all other fox repellent products, Amazon is actually the best place to order from, as it has a range of products designed especially for foxes.

Surprisingly, the likes of B&Q and Homebase do not, and their choice of repellent products in general is much poorer than Amazon’s. I go into more detail in my article Buying Fox Repellent: Amazon Vs Homebase & B&Q.

We are confident you will find some useful information regarding fox repellent on this site and we aim to continue to add more information, to keep the number 1 resource on the web for fox deterrent advice.

For the history of this site, please take a look at the About Page.

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