Review: Scoot Fox Repellent

Scoot Fox Repellent

Scoot Fox Repellent is a product targeted specifically at foxes, manufactured by Foxolutions who are fox control specialists based in London, so you can be confident it’s a fox repellent that works.

Scoot is very effective as a means of deterring foxes and it comes in two 50g sachets of powder. Diluted in water, it can then be sprayed over your garden or affected area, therefore deterring the foxes from entering. Diluting both sachets can cover an area of up to 32m², so Scoot can be considered excellent value for money considering the large area it covers.

Following the banning of the chemical Renardine in 2005, Scoot has become an incredibly popular alternative. Whereas Renardine was banned for concerns to health and to the environment, Scoot is biodegradable and non-toxic, making it very eco-friendly.

This is important as it means it can be sprayed in gardens, plants and even crops, without fear of harmful effects to humans or animals.

How do I use Scoot Fox Repellent?

If you have a problem with foxes fouling in your garden, ensure that you remove all trace of fox poo before spraying Scoot on your garden.

This is a procedure that should be followed whatever fox repellent you use. Foxes use fouling as a way of marking their territory so failure to remove it will greatly reduce the effectiveness of your deterrent programme.

Take one of the 50g sachets and empty the contents into a large bowl or bucket and add just enough water to dissolve all the powder. You can then add water to make a minimum of 2.5 litres or a maximum of 9 litres.

If you have particular hotspots in your garden where you know foxes are particularly active (e.g. in fox earths or flowerbeds), you may wish to go for the higher concentration.

For blanket coverage across your whole garden, it is better to spray using the maximum dilution.

Ideally you should use a pressurised water sprayer to dispense the Scoot fox repellent as this will achieve even coverage across your garden, however a watering can will suffice.

Make sure you spray the repellent whilst it is dry as spraying under wet conditions is another factor that can reduce the effectiveness. Scoot can withstand light rain showers and will last for around a month before you need to reapply, although after very heavy downpours, you may want to think about re-spraying.

How does Scoot Fox Repellent work?

As a fox relies heavily on it’s sense of smell, Scoot works by tricking the fox into thinking another animal has already ‘claimed’ the territory. The fox will feel threatened and will try and mark it’s territory again to try and ‘overscent’ the threat to it’s territory.

After a short while the power of the Scoot will be too strong and the fox will see your garden as a threatening place that has been claimed by another animal and will go somewhere else.

When using Scoot, it’s always best to identify where the fox gets into your garden if you can. Apply Scoot 3 times in that area every 2-3 days to really overpower the fox’s attempts at scent marking, then give it another spray after a week and then again after a fortnight if you think it’s necessary.

By that time, the fox will associate your garden as a danger area and will stay away.

A little patience is absolutely key here. However much you would like them to, foxes will not change their behaviour overnight. Using a strategy with Scoot as I have described above, is the best way of ensuring effective fox deterrence.

Is Scoot Fox Repellent harmful to cats and dogs or children?

No, Scoot is not harmful to cats or dogs and is safe to use in your garden to repel foxes even if you have pets. It is not a repellent that works by ‘harming’ the fox.

It is effective because it gives the fox a false impression that another animal has claimed the territory. Because foxes are so territorial they will feel threatened by the false predator smell Scoot creates.

Domestic cats and dogs do not need to rely on claiming territory in the same way wild urban foxes do and therefore will not be affected by Scoot. It wont make them run away or unwilling to go out into the garden or anything unpleasant like that.

Scoot is non-toxic and is safe to spray on edible plants and crops. It breaks down over time and is not harmful to the environment. The main ingredient of Scoot is also used in everyday items like deodorant and in water purification.

Many Scoot users have children and use it successfully with no ill-effects to children . Obviously, usual common sense precautions apply, including keeping the undiluted Scoot powder out of the reach of children to avoid ingesting or inhaling.

Scoot has been recommended for use by The Fox Project Charity and celebrity wildlife expert Chris Packham, in his book Creating Your Own Back Garden Nature Reserve.

Additional products required for using Scoot

Watering Can – For smaller areas

Watering Can

Because Scoot comes in a powder form that requires dilution with water, you’ll need some sort of vessel to sprinkle it evenly around the area you wish to protect.

If you only have a small garden or area, then a watering can will likely be sufficient for sprinkling the Scoot in the problem zone.

Pressure sprayer – for larger gardens & back problems

Garden Sprayer

In order to deal with foxes properly, you’re going to need to spray Scoot around your garden every few days for a couple of weeks to really make sure you’re having the desired effect.

If you have a medium to large-sized garden, this task is made much simpler with a pump action pressure sprayer. It will enable you to get even coverage of Scoot around your garden and will also help you to spray in those more hard to reach areas.

A pressure sprayer is also worth considering if you have a bad back as it doesn’t require the intense bending over that’s required with a watering can.

(For those with a really serious fox problem, you may also want to consider buying the FoxWatch Ultrasonic Fox Deterrent to use in addition to Scoot. Scoot targets the fox’s sense of smell while the FoxWatch targets the sense of hearing, creating a ‘double-pronged’ attack.)

Below is a short video on how to use Scoot correctly:

Fox Deterrents USA

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