Top 10 Fox Repellents USA

The Top 10 Fox Repellents USA

Due to popular demand, this Fox Deterrent list has been specifically compiled for those of you in the USA and Canada who are looking for the best products to keep foxes away from your yards.

The most common reasons we want an effective deterrent against foxes are because they like to foul, urinate and dig in our gardens.

They can also be very noisy and like to indulge in ‘abundance killing’, as anyone who keeps chickens can testify!

The best way to put a stop to these annoying problems is by changing the fox’s behaviour and making our gardens less enticing through the use of repellents and deterrents.

Disrupt the territory & target the entry point

Foxes are very territorial and spend a lot of their time doing the rounds of their territories making sure everything is safe, secure and generally as it should be.

Your garden will form part of a fox’s territory and it’s best to disrupt it’s daily routine by introducing a deterrent that makes the fox feel that your garden is no longer the safe haven it once was.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is to locate the area a fox gets into your garden and make that area as unwelcoming as possible with deterrents.

If you can put a fox off coming into your garden at the entrance point, rather than after it has already entered your garden, you’re much more likely to have long term success in keeping the fox away for good.

Consider using more than one type of fox deterrent

The list below contains a wide variety of different deterrents that targets the fox in different ways. Also included are practical and designed to help make your life easier when dealing with fox problems.

Successful fox deterrence is not an exact science, so you may find you need to experiment to see which deterrent is best for you, your garden and your fox.

Using more than one deterrent is recommended for the simple reason that it gives the fox more to think about. The more it has to think, the less likely it will want to hang around in your garden!

The Best Fox Deterrent Products USA

1. Cleanrth TSAR550 Super Advanced Ultrasonic Animal Repeller – MSRP $70

Cleanrth Animal Repeller

The Cleanrth brand is popular in the US for their effective animal repellent products and this ultrasonic device has become the go-to option when it comes to deterring foxes.

This unit uses an infrared sensor with ‘triple scan technology’, which basically means the sensor detects heat and movement from an 3 different points.

Impressively, it can detect a foxes from a distance of up to 66ft, within a 120 degree arc. This is a larger area than most other ultrasonic devices on the market and so is particularly suitable if you have a large yard that needs protecting.

It comes with a mains adapter with 38ft cord, or you can power it with two 9 Volt batteries (not included).

If you were looking for an alternative to the UK-manufactured FoxWatch, which isn’t available in the US, then the Cleanrth Super Advanced Animal Repeller is definitely a recommended ultrasonic fox deterrent solution.

2. Scoot Fox Repellent – MSRP $35

Scoot Fox Repellent

Scoot Fox Deterrent is a specially-formulated powder/solution that targets a fox’s sense of smell.

Foxes like to scent-mark their territory (by spraying urine or fouling) as a way of communicating with other foxes and letting them know who the territory (your yard) belongs to.

By spraying Scoot around your garden, you can disrupt this behaviour and make the fox think that another animal is trying to take over it’s territory.

Disguising the fox’s own scent with the Scoot makes the fox feel very vulnerable and, in time, will lead to the fox vacating the territory to avoid conflict.

Scoot is a very effective fox deterrent, but you must use it persistently and consistently. The fox is likely to be back again to see if this ‘new predator’ is still around, so you will need to respray it several times to keep up the pretence.

If there is heavy rainfall, you should also reapply the Scoot to ensure the necessary potency is still there.

To use Scoot, you simply mix the powder with water and spray the solution around the fox’s entry point, and other areas you’ve seen the fox. You can use a watering can or garden sprayer to distribute it.

Each pack comes with 2 x 50g sachets of the Scoot powder and dilution instructions.

3. Contech Scarecrow Motion Activated Deterrent – MSRP $60

Contech ScareCrow

An incredibly effective animal repellent product that is perfect for deterring foxes. The motion sensor detects the movement of the fox and sprays out a jet of water directly at it, sending the fox running off frightened.

It’s easy to set up, just place it into the ground and attach it to your garden hosepipe. If possible, find out where the fox gets onto your property and install the ScareCrow facing the entry point.

This is an very popular product because of it’s effectiveness, ease to set up and the affordable cost. Absolutely recommended.

4. Prickle Strip Dig Stopper/ Scat Mat – MSRP $15

Prickle Strips Dig Stopper

These spiky rolls of plastic strips are often confusingly referred to in the US as ‘Cat Scat Mats’. However, have no doubt, these are an excellent way to stop foxes digging up lawns, flowerbeds, borders and plants.

To install, you simply lay the rolls out flat and secure them into the ground with tent pegs (or something similar). The spikes are not so sharp that they will cause animals harm, but they are enough to stop them from walking on them.

Each roll measures around 78″ x 11″, so do a quick measurement of the area you wish to protect so that you’ve got enough prickle strips to cover the area.

5. Foxlights Night Predator Deterrent – MSRP $90

Foxlights Night Predator Deterrent

This is a light that contains a darkness detector so that it automatically comes on at dusk. It contains a set of LED that flash randomly and unpredictably. It should therefore be considered as a fox (and other animal) deterrent for use at night.

Foxes can easily get used to lights that simply flash on and off but with this Foxlights unit, the lights are deliberately random so it gives the impression of a human with a flashlight.

It’s easy to mount on a post, wall or fence and the lights are visible from 360 degrees, so there are no blind spots. As it’s waterproof, it’s perfectly suited to sit outside in a garden, or even to protect larger areas like fields, crops and sheep or cattle.

The Nightlight does require a 6 Volt lantern battery to power it (not included), so you would need to be vigilant and check every now and then that the battery hasn’t gone flat. Alternatively, there is a more expensive solar powered version.

6. Sangean LB-100 Compact AM/FM Ultra Rugged Radio Receiver – MSRP $60

Construction site radio

“What has a radio got to do with fox repellent??”, you may be asking. Actually using a radio is a very effective way of keeping foxes away and it works with very quick results, as you can hear on this BBC Radio 4 program.

Foxes have highly sensitive hearing and rely on their ears heavily in day-to-day life. By targeting their sense of sound, you’ve got yourself a sure-fire way to keep them away.

The trick is to tune the station to a conversation-only station; music will not work as well. Foxes are terrified of humans and a radio creates the impression that there are several humans in the area, making them run a mile.

The radio doesn’t even have to be on loud to be successful as the fox will hear it well before it gets close. So if you have neighbours, you don’t need to worry about disturbing them by leaving on a radio.

This Sangean Rugged Radio is perfect for the job as it is designed to be used on construction sites, making it durable enough to sit in your garden regardless of the weather. Mount it on a fence or hide it in a flowerbed.

An unorthodox but effective deterrent!

7. Get Off My Garden Jelly – MSRP $14

Get Off My Garden Repellent

A repellent that’s labelled as a cat and dog deterrent, this is also very good for small gardens or areas that need protecting from foxes.

Get Off is a green jelly that contains a strong smell of citronella. If a fox has been digging holes in flowerbeds or under a fence or wall, Get Off is easy to mix into the replaced soil to stop the fox from going back to that area again.

If you’ve got a large garden then Get Off is not recommend because a bottle simply doesn’t contain enough for it to be affected – you’re better of using Scoot.

However, for small-scale problems or when used in conjunction with other deterrents listed above, Get Off My Garden is a very useful fox deterrent.

8. Plastic Fence & Wall Spikes 8 Set – MSRP $30

Fence and Wall Spikes

These are very simple plastic spikes that you can install around your garden as a way to deter foxes from entering.

Common places to put the spikes include tops of fences, walls and any other ledges or walkways that foxes use when they enter your garden.

The rows of spikes are easy to cut to fit narrower or shorter ledges than that in the picture above and they are easily fixed in place by nails, screws or some strong weatherproof adhesive. They’re also available in a range of different colours.

These useful spikes are a simple and low cost way to make entering your garden inconvenient, which will help to convince the fox it’s not worth the time or effort.

9. NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator with Citronella – MSRP $23

One of the worst problems with foxes coming into your garden is the bad smell of fox poop and urine.

This yard odor eliminator hooks up to your hosepipe and sprays a nicely-scented diluted solution around your garden and eradicating the nasty smell.

It’s biodegradable and garden-safe so there is no worries about damaging grass, plants or wildlife.

This odor neutraliser is best used once per week in summer or as your nose dictates after a fox visit to your garden. The white bottle contains citronella, so is helpful in putting off the fox from fouling or urinating in that area again.

Refills are also available, so you can continue to make use of the bottle that attaches to the hose.

It’s important to note that this type of deterrent is a treatment to a smell problem and not a cure for keeping foxes out of your garden altogether.

If bad smells are your main issue with foxes, then this may be enough, otherwise for getting them to stay away completely, other deterrents mentioned further up this list will also be required.

10. Simon the Fox Garden Statue – MSRP $80

Simon the fox statue

This lifelike, 18″ high statue is for those of you who like the romantic notion of red foxes, but not the reality of smelly poo and dug up plants.

‘Simon’ wont be enough on his own to act as a serious deterrent for long, but if used in conjunction with a more permanent deterrent (like the Cleanrth, Scarecrow or Nitelight), then he may be realistic enough to help convince a fox not to bother coming into your yard.

The statue is beautifully crafted  from crushed stone and hand-painted, making it a great edition to any wildlife-lovers garden, but without the frustrating problems associated with real foxes.

Last on the list to give a positive and upbeat vibe to this article, but if you’re very anti-fox and desperate to remove all trace of them, then feel free to skip over this particular suggestion!

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