The FoxWatch Ultrasonic Fox Deterrent

Without doubt, the most effective fox deterrent on the market, the FoxWatch is a small ultrasonic device that sits in your garden and emits 3 short, sharp bursts of high-pitched noise every time a fox crosses its motion sensor.

The sounds emitted are best described as the fox equivalent of fingers being scraped down a blackboard, fortunately outside of our own hearing range.

The FoxWatch Ultrasonic Deterrent
Foxes have an incredible sense of hearing which they rely on heavily for survival, whether it be for catching prey, communication or avoiding danger.

The FoxWatch takes advantage of this reliance on hearing and uses it against the fox, causing it to flee from your garden to a place of safety.

Like a burglar alarm for foxes

In terms of how it works, a good analogy is to imagine you were sneaking into someone’s back garden with the intention of breaking into their house.

All of your senses would already be on high-alert, so if you dropped over the wall and immediately set off a noisy burglar alarm, you would do anything to get out of the garden as quickly as possible to avoid detection or harm.

Foxes have exactly the same mindset when they come into your garden, using all of their senses to detect danger.

The FoxWatch is the equivalent of the burglar alarm, emitting a scary and irritating noise that sends them running for cover.

Designed & manufactured in the UK

A major positive for the FoxWatch is that it is the only ultrasonic fox deterrent completely designed and manufactured in the UK.

Unlike inferior ‘copycat’ (or copyfox) imports that have come on the market, the FoxWatch has been extensively tested on the UK’s foxes and comes with a comprehensive 2 year warranty covering the unit and it’s accompanying mains adapter.

The manufacturer has an excellent reputation for a high quality range of animal deterrents, having formed close links with the RSPB, the Mammal Research Unit at the University of Bristol and a range of home and garden publications and retailers.

Reassuringly for a unit that has to cope with the British weather, the internal circuit board is safely set in a special resin and sealed within the unit for protection from the elements.

Every single FoxWatch is hand-built and every unit is individually tested before leaving the factory, making it incredibly reliable, which is exactly what you need for successfully deterring and changing the behavioural habits of a fox.

Ready for use within 3 minutes

Most of us are very busy and simply aren’t interested in spending precious time trying to keep foxes out of our gardens.

The FoxWatch is perfect for those who want something to deal with the issue with minimal effort.

Once the you receive the FoxWatch, you can either stick it into the ground using the accompanying plastic spike that attaches to the bottom, or mount it on a wall or fence via the notch on the back of the unit.

Placement really depends on the set-up of your garden, but a good rule of thumb is to locate the point at which the fox gains access to your garden and set up the FoxWatch to be pointed at that area.

The sooner you can get the fox to trigger the alarm before it gets too deep into your garden, the quicker you will have success in keeping it away.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the positioning of the FoxWatch as it might take you a couple of goes to find the premium spot.

You also need to ensure that nothing is obscuring the motion sensor, so it has a clear view of the entry point or the area you are trying to protect.

Use the Mains Adapter for maximum effectiveness

To keep foxes away from your garden, you have to change their behaviour, making it clear that your garden is not a place they will feel welcome or comfortable in.

For this reason, it is highly recommended you use the mains adapter that is included with FoxWatch.

Plugging the FoxWatch into the mains means that the unit is always switched on and ready for action. This is vital because foxes can actually be active at all hours of the day.

Whether you are out at work during the day, or asleep in the middle of the night, a FoxWatch plugged into the mains is there actively deterring the foxes from coming into your garden.

The mains adapter comes with a 10 metre (32.8 ft) lead. An additional 10 metre extension lead is also available for purchase, making it possible for you to install your FoxWatch up to 20 metres (65.6 ft) away from a plug socket.

If the size or position of your garden makes it impossible for you to plug in the FoxWatch, then it can be also powered by a 9 Volt battery, though this is definitely an inferior option.

If you must use a battery then ensure that is Duracell rather than a cheap brand or rechargeable batteries. Using inferior brands will simply be a waste of time and leave you frustrated when you have to replace them all the time.

Please be aware that as soon as a battery runs out of power, it effectively makes the FoxWatch useless as a deterrent against wily and inquisitive foxes, so you need to keep an eye on it. (Helpfully, the lights on the FoxWatch do flash to indicate a low battery.)

Additionally, a decrease in battery power will negatively impact the strength of the noise emitted by the FoxWatch, also limiting it’s effectiveness, so in short, if you really want foxes to stay away then use the mains adapter, wherever possible.

In conclusion

Whatever the reasons for wanting to keep foxes out of your garden, whether it be to stop them fouling and digging or protecting chickens, pets or children, the FoxWatch is an excellent, low maintenance fox deterrent that can simply sit and do it’s job of keeping foxes away, day or night.

The FoxWatch & Mains Adapter Pack is available in our store priced at £69.95, including free delivery, 2 year manufacturers warranty and 60 day money-back guarantee.

Technical details

– Detection Distance – 12m / 40ft

– Ultrasonic Alarm Area – 18m / 60ft

– Ultrasonic Frequency – 40-45,000Hz (40-45 kHz)

– Powered by Mains Adapter (recommended) or Duracell 9 Volt Battery

– PIR Sensor Horizontal Viewing Angle –  Approximately 100˚

– PIR Sensor Vertical Detection Angle –  Approximately 10˚ (pointed down)

– Made in the UK

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