Top 10 Fox Repellents

“I don’t know anything about fox repellent! Just tell me what to buy that will get rid of them from my garden!” If that sounds familiar to you, then please take a look at the no-nonsense list below. The fox repellent products are described in simple terms and in how … Continue reading

Urban Fox issue on BBC Inside Out London

Recently on BBC’s Inside Out London, JoAnne Good presented a great feature on the urban fox issue. It contained some interesting interviews with some leading fox experts which i have transcribed below. The interviews challenge some of the facts about foxes and provide a good insight into tackling the increasing … Continue reading

Buying & Using a Fox Cage Trap

A live fox cage trap is the most humane way to trap a fox. Leg hold traps and snares are not generally considered kind to foxes as the chances of serious injury and even death are much higher. No matter how frustrating it is for a fox to repeatedly come … Continue reading

Review: Havahart Sprayaway Water Scarecrow Fox Repellent

One of the most popular and successful fox deterrents on the market is the Havahart Sprayaway Water Scarecrow. The reason it is so successful in repelling foxes (and other unwanted animals) from your garden is because of it’s simplicity. The Havahart Sprayaway fox deterrent connects to your garden hose and … Continue reading

Fox repellent is more necessary now than ever

The fox repellent and deterrents industry is currently undergoing something of a boom period at the moment as people increasingly seek ways to control foxes wreaking havoc in their gardens. Many will be familiar with dustbin bags and their contents strewn across their lawns or being woken in the middle … Continue reading