The tools you need for fox deterrent success.

Welcome to the Fox Repellent Expert Resources section, a list that covers all the absolute essentials I recommend for successfully deterring foxes.

Everything on this page has helped me immensely in keeping foxes out of my garden and enabled me to gain the necessary understanding of foxes to make this site possible.


The FoxWatch Ultrasonic Fox Deterrent

FoxWatch Ultrasonic DeterrentA permanent fixture in both of my gardens where I have had fox problems, firstly in South London and now in Southampton. It was the product that really showed me that it was actually possible to keep foxes away.

The FoxWatch is easy to set up, requires minimal ongoing effort and can sit in the garden 24 hours a day doing the job of repelling foxes. Perfect if you’re out at work all day and worried about what the foxes are doing while you’re out. Ditto at night if you’re in bed.

I have personally been to the manufacturing plant in Stevenage where it’s made and the company is always a pleasure to deal with.

As the FoxWatch comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, it’s great you can deal directly with a friendly British company, in the unlikely event you need to contact them.

Highly recommended for low-maintenance and effective fox deterrence.

Scoot Fox Repellent

Scoot Fox Repellent

Excellent fox repellent to use in tandem with the FoxWatch, especially at first when you are teaching the fox to change it’s behaviour and stay out of your garden.

As Scoot is scent-based, using this with the FoxWatch means you’re deterring foxes via sound and smell. Targeting two senses rather than one is a great way to start out and get results quickly.

You’ll find you won’t need the Scoot after the fox has got the message, but always good to have some in your shed or garage in case a new fox gets interested in your garden.


Urban Foxes by Stephen Harris

Urban Foxes by Stephen HarrisAn essential book that really helped me to understand the behaviour of foxes.

Whereas I initially was trying to deter foxes without understanding anything about them, this book taught me how and why a fox behaves as it does.

This put me in a much stronger position and really helped me turn a corner in fox deterrent success.

Stephen Harris is a Professor of Biological Sciences and head of the Mammal Unit at the University of Bristol, making him one of the UK’s leading authorities on foxes.

Red Fox: The Catlike Canine by J. David Henry

Red Fox: The Catlike CanineJ David Henry is a Canadian boreal ecologist who has written three books about foxes.

This extraordinary book contains an amazing amount of his personal field studies and research into the behaviour of red foxes.

Perhaps a book for someone extremely interested in foxes, The Catlike Canine is hugely insightful with the most in-depth red fox analysis I’ve ever read.

Bluehost Webhosting

Bluehost webhostingAll of my websites, including, are hosted using Bluehost.  The reason is because they make it very easy to get a new site up and running with their One-Click Automatic WordPress Blog Installation.

You can use your Bluehost account to host multiple domains, without the need to pay more when you need to start a new site. The customer service is excellent too, with quick response times and helpful and knowledgable staff.

If you’re looking to start your first website, or wanting a new hosting account to switch your existing websites to, then I thoroughly recommend Bluehost.