Top 10 Fox Repellents

“I don’t know anything about fox repellent! Just tell me what to buy that will get rid of them from my garden!”

If that sounds familiar to you, then please take a look at the no-nonsense list below. The fox repellent products are described in simple terms and in how effective they are in keeping foxes away.

The 2 Most Effective Types of Fox Repellents Explained

Before reading the list, it’s important to know that the two most effective types of fox deterrent are scent-based repellents and motion-activated deterrents. The scent-based ones target a fox’s keen sense of smell, while the motion-activated devices are fitted with a sensor that detect when a fox is close and unleash a scare tactic, usually in the form of a burst of noise or a jet of water.

The scent-based deterrents are normally cheaper, but will require you to be more hands-on as they need to be applied fairly regularly to work.

The best motion-activated devices come with a higher price tag, but allow you the luxury of setting them up and just letting them get on with the job, with minimal effort from you.

Both are very effective if used correctly, so it all depends on your budget and the effort you’re willing to put in to solve the problem.

The best of both are described here and can be purchased by clicking on the product images or on the links.

(NOTE: When it comes to buying fox repellents, surprisingly it’s Amazon rather than B&Q or Homebase that actually stock the most wide-ranging and cost-effective fox deterrents. You can read why here.)

(UPDATE!! – Due to popular demand, we are now selling the FoxWatch Fox Repeller in our store!) 


Fox Repeller Foxwatch#1 – FOXWATCH FOX REPELLER £69.95 – Now available in our store including Mains Adapter!!

Definitely the best ultrasonic fox deterrent available, the FoxWatch is the only ultrasonic device on the market that is manufactured in the UK and has been designed especially to deter foxes (unlike many Chinese imitations that magically claim to deter all animals).

It’s been featured on BBC’s Countryfile and described by the National Fox Welfare Society as the ‘ultimate fox deterrent’. Incredibly easy to set up, it’s powered by mains adapter (included) or a 9 Volt battery (not included) and works best when placed at the point the fox gains entry to your garden. Especially effective when used in conjunction with Scoot.

As it’s manufactured by hand in Stevenage, you can be confident of the high build quality and comprehensive 2 year manufacturers guarantee that all units come with. This is the real deal and should be your first choice if budget isn’t an issue. Beware of cheaper Chinese imitations!
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Scoot Fox Repellent#2 – SCOOT FOX REPELLENT (BARGAIN 4 PACK) £32.99

Probably the best scent-based fox repellent on the market and recommended by the likes of Chris Packham and The Fox Project Charity. This incredibly effective repellent is designed specifically for foxes by giving off a false scent that makes the fox think there is another predator in your garden, therefore making it keep away to avoid confrontation.

You dissolve the sachet of powder in water and then spread it around your garden with a watering can or garden sprayer. Excellent repellent and worth buying in the bargain 4 pack option if you are lucky enough to find it in stock, as you will definitely want to use it all for maximum effectiveness.

Not harmful to pets or the environment and works great as a ‘double pronged attack’ when used with the ultrasonic FoxWatch Fox Repeller (see below).
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Contect Water Scarecrow Fox Repellent


A hugely popular and effective fox and other animal deterrent, the Water ScareCrow detects when an animal crosses it’s sensor and shoots a jet of water at it scaring it off.

The foxes soon learn that this is something to keep away from. Easy to set up, it connects to a hosepipe and runs on a 9 volt battery with the positive reviews on Amazon a testament to just how effective it is. A great price and a deterrent you can just set up once and leave to do it’s job with minimal fuss.

The ScareCrow is particularly popular in the US and is a fantastic option if you want to take a hands-off approach to keeping foxes away. Just remember to install it with enough room for you to sneak up behind it without getting a soaking!
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Fox Repellent Wall Fence Spikes#4 – FENCE WALL SPIKES ANIMAL DETERRENT (PACK OF 50) £21

Putting spikes on the top of walls, fences or anywhere the fox gets into your garden is a good supplementary way of making things difficult for a fox.

The spikes are easy to install by superglue, nailing or screwing and are made of a durable weather proof plastic. They are available in a range of colours and sizes and are a great low cost solution.

You usually need more than you think, so we’ve linked to the 100 pack in brown (the most popular colour) but of course you must choose what’s right for you. Best for use with a sonic and/or scent based repellent.
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Fox Repellent Granules - Get Off My Garden#5 – GET OFF MY GARDEN CAT & DOG REPELLENT CRYSTALS £7.06

Repellent to foxes, cats and dogs, the citronella in Get Off is the secret ingredient that the animals can’t stand. Not harmful to the environment or animals, Get Off  is a good option for small gardens or small problem areas.

This biodegradeable gel is very effective in stopping the particular problem of foxes fouling. Remove the fox poo and apply as needed. Also very effective if you have foxes digging in particular areas.

Excellent for sorting out a short term, small scale issue, maybe not so good for treating large areas.
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Havahart Sprayaway Fox repellent#6 – HAVAHART SPRAYAWAY £67.86

Also featured in a recent BBC Countryfile episode, and although quite expensive, it’s a case of you get what you pay for with this fox repellent product. This uses infra-red sensors to detect foxes and shoots out a jet of water directly at the animal.

You just attach it to your garden hose, adjust the nozzle and you’re away. Easy assembly and it has an adjustable sensitivity dial. This is really recommended for those with a large garden as it protects a whopping 90 square feet area. A common joke is that not only does it keep out foxes, it puts off potential burglars too!

Absolutely amazing piece of kit for big gardens, it runs for around 6 months on a 9V battery (not included), squirting around 5000 times. Easy to install, move, and store. Made of durable hard plastic and aluminium parts.

Spray Away is an environmentally way to deter garden and pond pests. For convenient installation on posts or walls, use with optional mounting bracket.

If you can’t get a Contech Water ScareCrow, this is the next best thing.
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Proctor Pest Stop Fox Trap#7 – PROCTOR PEST STOP FOX TRAP £129

An item that is definitely not for novices. This is a live capture trap so there are no issues about this causing any harm to the fox. This is obviously suitable if you own a large piece of land rather than your everyday garden.

It arrives as a flat pack, but assembly is easy and the accompanying instructions are very clear and concise. This is made by Proctor Bros who have over 100 years in the pest trapping industry and it is suitably sturdy as you would expect.

Very effective in catching foxes and removing your problem, however if you do decide to go down the fox trapping route, please ensure you treat the fox humanely and call upon the services of professionals to exterminate it, if absolutely necessary. For experienced users only!!
Ultra Sonic Garden Pest Repeller#8 – ULTRA SONIC GARDEN PEST REPELLER £26.50

This is a good little unit that works to around 9 sq metres. It actually has 3 settings that affects the noise depending on what animals you want to repel and also some mounting brackets so you can put it on a fence or on the wall of your house. Runs off batteries, though they can be a little awkward to change so you may wish to purchase a mains adaptor too.
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Defenders Mega Sonic Cat Repeller & Fox Repellent#9 – DEFENDERS MEGA SONIC CAT REPELLER £15.20

The price has recently come down a lot for this unit which again uses the sonic frequency technology. It’s easy to set up and is good for a medium sized garden. We had one of these for a few months until it was destroyed by frequent heavy rain, which we thought it would withstand. A solid purchase, however please note you will have to buy a mains adaptor separately.
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Primrose Advanced Fox Scarer#10 – ADVANCED FOX SCARER £27.90

If you don’t have the time or energy to sprinkle a solution around your garden, then this sonic deterrent is a reasonable alternative as you just have to plonk in your garden and let it work it’s magic. Easy to set up,  this is a solid fox deterrent device for the money and works well in any garden.

Because the unit is only activated via it’s infrared system when a fox is detected, the 9V batteries have a pretty long life.  Position this at the point the foxes enter your garden and the noise it gives off (not audible to humans) will soon deter the foxes. (NB It may be worth buying 2 if your garden has more than 1 point of entry).

Please note that this is a Chinese-manufactured unit that has not specifically been tested on foxes. Only worth getting if you are absolutely certain you cannot afford the FoxWatch (at #1).
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Patience & Persistance is important

Please note: You must be patient when seeking to deter foxes from your garden. Do not apply or install a fox repellent and then expect the fox to be gone the next day. Too many people have this expectation and then declare their product a ‘failure’ or ‘waste of money’ because the fox didn’t instantly disappear.

It takes time to make foxes change their behavioural habits but by repeated application of the methods described on this website and employing some patience, you will achieve excellent results in keeping foxes away.

**This article is aimed at UK residents. If you are from the USA, please visit our Top 3 US Fox Repellents article**

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